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Private diary of a lonely wanderer
Date: a week after I escaped I think
I had the dream again last night. Its always the same, I am back in the
Vault, in maintenance working on a couple of broken pipboys. My boss is
asleep on the job again, leaving all the work for me
I keep working away until I smell smoke coming from under the door and
the sound of gunfire meets my ears I drop the pipboy to the ground and
it hits the ground with a loud clatter.
I back up to my work bench and desperately search for a weapon, an
irrational terrified fear filling me as I hear the distant gunfire.
Smoke is covering the floor of the floor now. Someone begins slamming on
the door, trying to get it. I raise the bb gun I find in my hands. I
don't know where it came from.
The door finally opens and 3 men in gas masks enter the work shop as the
smoke floods in, choking factory smoke that fills my nostrils and
throat threatening to cut off my air and causing me to cough violently.
The men move to surround me
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I'm just sitting here at my computer, waiting.
waiting for a reason to go to bed.
its past midnight but still I sit, staring at this glowing screen
Too many thoughts fill my head.
Why did I say that?
why am I such a screw up?
Why do I let myself break things?
I keep staring.
hoping the glowing screen will give me answers
show me some reason to go to sleep.
I know that even if I crawl into bed,
that nightmares will just plague me.
never letting me rest
My own mind will play tricks on me
torture me with my own thoughts
my own mistakes thrust back into my face
The screen does not change.
I keep watching the unchanging screen
hoping for something, anything
I don't know why I am waiting,
why I am typing,
what I want.
All I know is I screwed up.
I made a mistake
said the wrong thing
I look into the screen and begin to type
type out my thoughts,
hoping that they will finally give some answers to me
I keep writing.
Writing down anything that comes to mind
It sort of helps.
To get the
:iconarkangel04:ArkAngel04 1 3
But I won't
I could write about how angry I am
But I won't
I could write about how upset I am
but I won't
I could write about all the feelings I keep bottled up
but I won't
I could write about how nobody listens
but I won't
I could write about how alone I feel
But I won't
I could write about how pointless I feel
but I won't
I could write a lot of things
but I won't
Cause whats the point in screaming into the void?
:iconarkangel04:ArkAngel04 2 3
I walk through the thick fog, aimlessly
Around me I see figures and shadows.
Shapes with no form, People with no faces.
I look behind me and cannot see where I have been
The path in front of me is covered in the thick fog
only the area around me is completely clear
I hear faint voices from far away.
Voices very familiar to me, but so strange.
I see faces of friends but cannot remember the names
I continue to walk through the fog
:iconarkangel04:ArkAngel04 4 0
It is sad, one says with tears in his eyes
No, shouts another, it is fierce like a lion
your both wrong, giggles a stranger, it is happy,
You are all blind, complains a fourth, it is irritating
why can none of you see it is depressing, murmurs the fifth  
it is clearly anger, one yells with his face turning red
none of you are right, pipes up a child,
it has no meaning at all
:iconarkangel04:ArkAngel04 1 0
My quiet demeanour,
my shy exterior
Hides a beast within
It wait inside of me
Waiting for me
Wanting to escape
I look in the mirror
I see it there,
lurking behind my eyes
Hiding in the dark
Brooding, Hating
Never forgetting
It hates them all
wants them to pay
Wants them all dead
I feel the rage.
Burning inside of me
turning my soul to black
I am loosing control
I feel it inside me
Coming to the surface
I am the monster...
:iconarkangel04:ArkAngel04 2 6
The Fallen: Prologue
A storm raged over head, lighting the night with every blast of lightning. The rain fell like drops of lead, heavy and thick, turning streets into rivers. It was dark, unnaturally so, there were no street lights below, as if the oppressive darkness had snuffed them out.
Below in the dark, there was the sound of a man running. He was soaked with water and sweat, his eyes stung and his heart and lungs felt like they would burst. His legs screamed him to stop but still he ran, because he knew that stopping meant death.
He ran through the dark streets, turning at random corners, doubling back on himself, completely and utterly lost.
But he didn't care, he still ran.
He suddenly turned into an ally, a large wall blocked off the exit. he turned to run out, but it was too late. his pursuer had caught up with him.
A girl entered the ally.
her skin was pale as a corpse and her hair white as ash. Her eyes were like ice and she reeked of death itself.
He tried to climb the wall to escape but it w
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