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A storm raged over head, lighting the night with every blast of lightning. The rain fell like drops of lead, heavy and thick, turning streets into rivers. It was dark, unnaturally so, there were no street lights below, as if the oppressive darkness had snuffed them out.
Below in the dark, there was the sound of a man running. He was soaked with water and sweat, his eyes stung and his heart and lungs felt like they would burst. His legs screamed him to stop but still he ran, because he knew that stopping meant death.
He ran through the dark streets, turning at random corners, doubling back on himself, completely and utterly lost.

But he didn't care, he still ran.

He suddenly turned into an ally, a large wall blocked off the exit. he turned to run out, but it was too late. his pursuer had caught up with him.

A girl entered the ally.
her skin was pale as a corpse and her hair white as ash. Her eyes were like ice and she reeked of death itself.
He tried to climb the wall to escape but it was still wet from the rain, He looked around for a way to escape the horror approaching him but there was none.
The girl stopped in front of him and looked him in the eye, her face serene, and placed her hand on his chest

As soon as the hand made contact with the jacket it began to rot away, he tried to push her away but her eyes wouldn't let him go. Soon his shirt rotted away to and her hand was against bare flesh.
a corruption began to eat away at him, starting at the hand and slowly spreading to the rest of his body. the smell of rotting flesh filled his nostrils, and an uncomfortable numbing sensation began to flow through him. Suddenly he lost the feel of his right hand, then his whole arm, he could feel something slimy sliding down his body from the girls hand and he fell to the ground. contact broken he found himself able to move and looked at his body.
Almost immediately he wished he hadn't, he felt bile rise up from his throat and he vomited.
His body was rotting, his arm had dropped off and his legs had decayed. whole strips of flesh were missing, revealing the rotting organs inside.

He screamed, but it was quickly turned into a gurgle as the corruption spread. He looked up, his vision turning blurry, the girl was standing over him and just staring. He gasped and coughed, unable to get up or even move, he suddenly realised he had stopped breathing. he tried to breath in, but nothing came.
He felt the cool pavement beneath him fade, he looked up and saw blackness, he couldn't see, couldn't hear, couldn't feel.

Pain rushed through his body as his thoughts faded, his last thought was a simple one, he looked up at the girl standing against a wall of darkness. He felt the thought fading till only pain remained, as he fell into the darkness he remembered his last thought.


The girl looked down at the pile of rotten flesh she had created. She felt good, it had been a long time since she had eaten such a good mortal. She could still taste the stolen life on her tongue, it was divine. the feeling created after stealing life felt like something close to ecstasy.
"Did you find it?" a voice suddenly snapped her back to the present. She turned to face a girl of about ten years of age, she had cropped blond hair with a fringe that fell over her left eye and covered it completely. Her skin was pale and very feint black veins could be seen under her skin. she wore a battered and torn pink dress and over this a black fur coat, a large blood stain  covered her front and she could see more blood dripping out of the corner of her mouth. in one hand she held a battered black plush bear

"Sister, what an honer it is to see you" the pale girl replied with heavy sarcasm.
"Did he have it?" Sister asked again. the pale girl shook her head, "did he tell you where it was?" Another shake.
"Mother won't be pleased, we need that book for the ritual. have you found either of the mortals yet?" Sister asked.
The pale girl frowned, "we have found one of them, the second still eludes us. but once we get the first, he will take us right the second." She looked up, "so the time is almost upon us then?"
Sister grinned revealing two rows of sharp bloody teeth, "yes, soon this world will be turned into a wasteland, and all the mortals will be enslaved and killed. soon we will rise up again, and this time the Angels shall not stop us."

And over head the thunder storm raged.
So begins our journey into the dark. Some of you may not return, and those who do will not be the same.

This is the prologue of the fallen, a dark story about a... you know what? I'll just let you read it and find out. :)
I am dedicating this story to my dear sister who is helping me get this done, without you this would still be just a figment of an idea in my brain.

I do hope you stick with me till the end
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December 30, 2012
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