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Date: a week after I escaped I think
I had the dream again last night. Its always the same, I am back in the
Vault, in maintenance working on a couple of broken pipboys. My boss is
asleep on the job again, leaving all the work for me

I keep working away until I smell smoke coming from under the door and
the sound of gunfire meets my ears I drop the pipboy to the ground and
it hits the ground with a loud clatter.

I back up to my work bench and desperately search for a weapon, an
irrational terrified fear filling me as I hear the distant gunfire.

Smoke is covering the floor of the floor now. Someone begins slamming on
the door, trying to get it. I raise the bb gun I find in my hands. I
don't know where it came from.

The door finally opens and 3 men in gas masks enter the work shop as the
smoke floods in, choking factory smoke that fills my nostrils and
throat threatening to cut off my air and causing me to cough violently.

The men move to surround me and I fire my bb gun. It bounces of them as
if they where metal. They all look at my gun and begin to laugh in my
face as one grabs the barrel of the gun and bends it like it was

The gun is torn from my grip and fear grips my heart as I press up
against the wall. They cut off any escape as one grabs my neck and
begins to squeeze. I can barely breath, the smoke is now so thick it I
cannot see anything other then the glowing eye holes in the gas masks.

I struggle but its no use. the lights of the eye holes soon fade and the
feeling of his hands turns hard and metallic. My hands rush to my throat
and I find in its place metal collar.

I tug and pull but it does not come off. I run, as fast as I can,
trying to find the door, anybody, anything.

The smoke begins to dissipate and I find the vault has gone. Around me
ruined buildings and the sound of industry fill my ears as thick smog
fills the sky.

A cold heartless laugh fills my ears as I run. A voice filled with no
mercy and enjoyment from seeing me flee so helpless and scared.

"Welcome to the Pitt"

I wake up with a start. The dream always ends there, with that same
voice, every time taunting me. as I always I tried to curl up and calm
down, trying to stop the irrational shaking of fear.

That’s all behind me now, I escaped that hell hole. I don't need to be
scared. I escaped.

Its almost a mantra. I repeat it over and over again when I have the
dream, trying to forget it. To forget the horrible things that happened
there. To forget those hellish two years.

I don't remember falling asleep again, but this time it was somewhat
peacefully. When I opened my eyes again I sunlight was filtering in
through the cracks.

As always my hand snakes to my neck to feel the cold metal collar that
is always there. reminding me of that painful lesson the Pitt taught me

I shudder as I feel its cool metallic surface, harmless and disarmed,
but still so terrifying to me.

I don't know where I am going, away maybe. some place I can forget that
I ever lived in that hell.

once again my mind drifts to him, the person I left the safety of the
vault for. The person I left the safety and peace of the life I once had

I had been so full of hope and vigor, my bb gun in hand, a baseball
bat and the pistol my childhood friend had given me, I felt ready for
anything, determined and ready for anything the wasteland was going to
throw before me.

MY hand drifts to the collar again, reminding me where my foolishness
had gotten me.

Well I suppose I don't have anything else to do, the trail is cold and
its probably a foolish idea. I'm not going to find him...

but I might. its chance, a small chance, but I might.

Its worth a shot...



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Trinity Wilson
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